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 Kyle in a F1 car

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PostSubject: Kyle in a F1 car   Sat 17 May 2008, 7:45 am

Kyle Busch to test F-1 car: Kyle Busch will test a Formula One car with Toyota later this year in Japan. As teams get ready for Saturday’s Sprint All-Star Challenge, Busch said Formula One is something that appeals to him, but not on the near horizon. "I'm planning on retiring at 30 and going Formula One racing,” the 23-year-old Busch said at Lowe's Motor Speedway. He also reveled his plan to drive an F1 car for the first time at the end of this year when he goes to Japan to do NASCAR exhibition runs for Toyota. "We're working on a test session right now at the end of November, or the beginning of December, sometime going to Japan and doing a little exhibition, to see what it's like," he said. "We'll take a Cup car over there too and just run around there at either Twin-Ring or somewhere like that to show them what the Cup cars are like and try to get into a Formula One car too. We'll see how well I test first, we'll see if my neck can stand the g-forces of braking and everything. I wouldn't mind. If I can do it and if I'm good at it then I'll give it a shot and try it." However, Busch admitted however that the actual racing part of F1 appeals the least to him. "It seems as though the racing isn't all that great," he said. "They get stuck in line, the aero takes over everything and Toyota is not necessarily one of those companies at the moment that's like Ferrari or McLaren, or like Renault was a couple of years ago. I don't think it's only a driver that you put in the seat that's going to make it go, you know. You need a little bit more of a car."(CupScene)(5-16-200

I really hope that kyle doesnt retire at 30!
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PostSubject: Re: Kyle in a F1 car   Sat 17 May 2008, 1:55 pm

eww, F1??? that has to be the most boring racing ever. well, if he does, and i hope he doesn't for you guys and the rest of his fans, he might actually make it interesting and worth watching, lol. and i have to say, i will LUV kyle forever if he takes out danicka 1 time lol! thats one person i cant stand in F1. anyways, i dont see the kid quiting nascar at 30, especially if he's good! come on, theres a reason all those drivers wanna race over here ;) i just dont see him doing that, but u never know i guess.
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PostSubject: Re: Kyle in a F1 car   Wed 21 May 2008, 7:36 pm

hey drina4jr, Kyle will just be playing in an F1 just for the press,as did Gordon a few years back when he and Jaun Pablo traded cars.Sorry to tell ya ,Danica Patrick(I'm assuming that's who you're referring to) is in Indy Cars not F1.It's a good, thing that a woman can drive those cars and be able to compete as well as she has.Being the first woman to win in that series is a major accomplishment! :queen:
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PostSubject: Re: Kyle in a F1 car   

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Kyle in a F1 car
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